COAL WOLF – black seed bead bracelet – handmade and adjustable

$ 20.00

Description: Jet black layered Miyuki seed beads dotted with black crystal beads create a stunning fashion statement for this carefully woven adjustable bracelet. Finished with an attractive central design to create an impressive piece. Features the famous 4mm dinosaur fossil bead and the iconic XD logo charm, etched into both sides. Adjustable.

Extinction notes: Sadly, the word “extinction” cuts too close to home for several wolf species. Less than 500 individuals remain for each of these beautiful animals: The Ethiopian wolf, the Mexican gray wolf, and the Red wolf. Threats include major habitat loss, killing by ranchers (or their hired guns), and needless “trophy” hunting. Fortunately, conservationists and “wolf lovers” fight hard to protect wolves and increase their numbers. We fight for them too, donating 10% of your purchase to help them.

Charity: Defenders of Wildlife – http://www.defenders.org/

Product Description

COAL WOLF – black seed bead bracelet – handmade and adjustable


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