PERUVIAN PARROT – handmade seed bead adjustable choker necklace

$ 18.00

Description: Beautiful adjustable choker necklace. Features the famous 4mm dinosaur fossil bead and the iconic XD logo charm, etched into both sides. From the AMAZON collection.

Extinction notes: Peru contains some of the highest animal species diversity on the planet. Butterflies, monkeys, anteaters, and of course – parrots. Yet there are serious threats to the jungle – rampant illegal logging makes previously inaccessible areas possible to get to, where killing animals for bushmeat and taking them for the exotic pet trade has pushed many species to the brink of extinction. Also, clearing land for cattle grazing, plus the ever present encroachment of human development creates an urgent situation. So let’s help by donating 10% of your purchase to protecting Peru and other nations with similar challenges.

Charity: Rainforest Trust – https://www.rainforesttrust.org/

Product Description

PERUVIAN PARROT – handmade seed bead adjustable choker necklace


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